Coffee Bar & Bakery

Come on in and try our delicious freshly baked mini donuts, or enjoy lunch and a cup of coffee or espresso.

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CLASSICS: 1 (0.75) 3 (2.50) 6 (4.25)

13 (7.50)   25 (17.00)  50 (32.00)   75 (48.00)   100 (60.00)

Powdered Sugar
Cinnamon Sugar

SPECIALTIES: 1 (0.75) 3 (2.50) 6 (4.25)

13 (7.50)   25 (17.00)  50 (32.00)   75 (48.00)   100 (60.00)

Chocolate Sprinkle Glazed
Cotton Candy
Oreo Crush
Fruity Pebble
Rainbow Spinkles

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Coffee and donust

Rising Star Coffee

Rising Star CoffeeWe serve beans from Cleveland’s coffee roasting kings. Freshly ground. perfectly prepared, every time.

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Bagel Sandwich BLT

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest Bread

Our sandwiches are made using wheat bread from the Great Harvest Bread Co. in Mentor.

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Fiona’s Bagels

Fiona's Coffee Bar & Bakery
We proudly serve and offer sandwiches on bagels that we make home made.


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Come visit our coffee bar & bakery.

Whether it’s for a cup of coffee, espresso, or a quick lunch and some
delicious Fresh Baked Mini Donuts, we’re happy to serve Downtown Willoughby, Ohio.

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